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Editor's Letter
It was fun while it lasted….

At the end of the 2016 football season, the ITCL will no longer be in
operation.  With that we will draw a close on the web site
as well.

It has been an enjoyable 11 year journey covering some of the best high
school football in the area.  There were so many records, unbelievable
games and great performances that made it so special.  But most of all it
was the kids.

It didn’t matter if it was a player from McDonald, Springfield, Crestview,
Wellsville or Western Reserve; they were all gracious and great
representatives of their individual school.  They worked tirelessly and
played their hardest each Friday night.  The league was a great
gathering of schools from different communities with very similar kids in
their work ethic, compassion, and heart.  The web site was created for
them, to recognize them and honor them.

Then there are the coaches who worked long hours while getting paid
pennies a day for the many, many hours they sacrificed to prepare, teach
and coach at the school they serve.  Most coaches will tell you that it’s not
about the pay, it’s about the kids.  Having spent many evenings listening
to coaches passionately talk about their teams and players it becomes
quite clear that this is much truer than anyone will ever know.  And while
the coaches were teaching the young men how to play the game of
football, they were also molding them into becoming more than that.  If
they become even remotely as successful at being citizens, husbands
and fathers as they were at playing high school football, the future of
those men and the communities in which they live, will have a very bright

I fondly remember talking with several coaches for hours on end, not
specifically about their team, but about high school football in general.  I
would be pumped up for the season after those conversations.  Then
there were those colorful conversations with coaches like Southern’s Dan
Saling who loved his players and spoke with his down to earth county flair.

As the creator and editor I especially want to thank all the parents and
other high school football fanatics who helped provide news, information
and pictures to the site over the past eleven years.  I also had several
volunteers who provided articles, pictures and images to make the site
what it was.  Without all this help, the site would never have reached the
success that it did.

Many might say “why don’t you just change the name on the site to follow
this league or that league”?  But with the cost of one league in web
hosting and labor being arduous; trying to sufficiently cover two would not
do justice to those participating members.  Since I purchased the domain
name of, it would be best to just let it ride off into the
sunset.  The baton is passed on to anyone who would like to start a site
to follow the new leagues.  I for one will be one of the biggest fans of your

Thank you,
Lowell Spencer
2016 All-Ohio and
NE Inland
All-District Team